don't explain your jokes

I'm Chris, or Christopher. Whichever you prefer. I blog to kill time and learn new art techniques, and I also like to make people laugh. That doesn't mean everything I post will be funny or anything like that. I'm going to the Art Institute of Phoenix, to get my bachelors in video game design. I also like to make .GIFs.

What about a magician who makes their clothes disappear?


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1/3rd of the way to a bachelors in video game art & design

Keaton Kohl ~ “HeartSkull”

If you want to fall out of love fast, just enoy your memories of the good times, and the very nanosecond your brain says I want more of that tell it,

Nah bitch remember that time she said I wasn’t all that?
I fuckin’ am.






dude i don’t even believe this i know i just reblogged it like ten minutes ago but oh my god this baby eats shit from like 4ft in the air and nobody cares this is literally the funniest thing i’ve ever seen in my life 

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can’t wait to take a bath with old ladies in 3D


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Make a better character i dare you

Kay look.

If you post Pokemon or Bloodbourne or Dark Souls 2 DLC spoilers I’ll unfuckingfollow you so fast


David “MEGGS” Hooke ~ “One Day as a Lion”, 2014